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Taylor Banks is a 20 year veteran of the IT industry with the past 15 years focused on computer, network and information security. Taylor is a CISSP and has provided training and consultation across the globe on Firewalls, Penetration Testing, Intrusion Detection and Incident Response, Enterprise Virtualization and Cloud Computing. Taylor has consulted for the United Nations and NOAA and trained the US Air Force, Navy, Marines, FBI and NSA. He was featured on in 2006 for his work on Anonym.OS and speaks regularly at national security conferences.


I am a supporter of the ATP, the EFF, ISSA and ISACA, and served on the Board of Directors for the Atlanta ISSA chapter in 2005.

I am the Organizer of the DC404 group, and the founder of kaos.theory. I have spoken, sponsored and/or volunteered at DEF CON, Black Hat, ShmooCon, LayerOne, & Security BSides, and am available for speaking engagements on security, privacy and technology. I invite you to visit these sites and welcome your questions and feedback!


My company, KnowThreat provides information security, virtualization and cloud architecture, design, research, development, implementation, consultation, and training to individuals, businesses and governments. We specialize in strategic security planning, tactical security research, operational threat mitigation and experiential security and technology education.

The following links represent a few of my professional ventures and side projects. Check them out, and get in touch with me if you have other interesting projects that you think I might be interested in!

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